A Message From Our Founder & CEO Lynne Hughes

This article was published on: 09/28/19

In 2001, CZC was three years old. In March of that year, we had just received our first national media article in Parents Magazine. Gary Mason read that article, called me and asked if he could volunteer. Gary, who lost his sister when he was young, lived in New Jersey and began making the drive to Richmond for all our camps that year. Gary was aware that there were no resources for grieving kids in NJ and asked if he raised the money for a camp for NJ grieving kids, would all the Richmond volunteers get on a bus and travel to New Jersey to hold a camp there? I didn’t know how to respond and our Board didn’t know how to respond either. So we tabled it—every month from April-September. We had a meeting Monday, September 10th and the last item on the agenda once again was—what to do about...

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